Estimate because of the rituel up coming at evening, spica helps make a you will need to destroy loki

Estimate because of the rituel up coming at evening, spica helps make a you will need to destroy loki

We could notice that Loki provides an almost platonic experience of Angrboda (Spica) when you are Utgard Loki was bordering toward verge away from obession

oh, to answer the questions you have, she decided to go to pick loki due to the fact she misses your (nice, huh?). in terms of what kind of individual this woman is, spica seems to be a lovely girl with a good voracious appetite, appearing to be naive but we don’t really see the girl actual identification since the she doesn’t talk much. just like the angrboda, i understand notably less. most of the i’m sure would be the fact angrboda/spica enjoys loki very much. and he age reasoning everyone else becomes hitched, i guess.

depending on the mythology, angrboda is loki’s mate whom new aesir burned. shortly after he consumed the newest burnt heart out of angrboda, it was asserted that the guy exercise the 3 creatures fenrir, jormungand, and you can hel. almost every other supply you are going to state if you don’t, nevertheless the situation is far more or quicker an identical. but just like the MLR doesn’t exactly follow the myth, you could too forget about you to definitely.

anyhow, about 2nd amount of one manga collection, around shows up a silver-haired loki lookup-equivalent, and that appears to be connected to the weird occurences taking place inside loki’s industry. doesn’t show up throughout the comic strip (you know one to), however, takes on a little a significant part about manga. when the i am not saying misleading, they are utgard-loki, queen of your monsters. on myths, they certainly were considered to be 2 different people, but in MLR, the guy is apparently a last kind of loki themselves. it seems that the guy desires spica (preoccupied? i am not sure, i have not have a look at entire manga series me personally), is actually like together, and you can desires make a deal with loki. i’d tell you much more however, i might need read more of the new manga earliest.

anyway, away from in order to spica and loki’s relationships, she function a great deal to him, being the mother from his people and all of, and you will however the guy cares much for her.(nevertheless does) and you will watching utgard-loki’s (are his earlier care about and all of) obsession with this lady, i’d declare that loki profoundly appreciated the woman, a lot.

theory’s you to definitely utgard-loki’s existence provides one thing to perform together with updates as good god/ among aesir, since loki try in the first place of your jotun form (giants), as is angrboda. i believe you to his getting involved with the lady extends back ahead of their aesir status, as well as the real the amount regarding his ideas for her have emerged inside utgard-loki.(however, someplace over the range some thing occurred, we have my theories but i’ll have a look at remainder of the manga earliest)

so yeah, i’m confident one to she was not one of his intimate activities, but somebody he had been associated with towards a further, much more serious level.

once we learn after, spica is cursed from the odin that in case she sees a certain reputation, she dazes out and attempts to kill loki. when she in the end realized exactly what she got completed to loki (immediately following a few of these occurences) she runs out of the house. the lady facts is actually compared while in the given that « the little mermaid » story in which the mermaid seeks like immediately after which commits suicide. dreading which, loki attempts to conserve the lady because of the jumping in water in which she allegedly sprang for the, only to End up being Stored by Her. immediately following which is fixed she resumes to be hired within their mansion.

OMG! XD Disappointed, wouldn’t fighting. I am convinced I’ll luv so it part! xD *considers Loki being protected by Spica*

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I am not sure should this be totally real. However, We read that Utgard-Loki (prior Loki) is one who’s obsessed with the girl. Predicated on everything i comprehend he’s the father of your own around three students Yamino, Fenrir, and Hel. Very, who does create Loki a great reincarnation out of Utgard Loki. Although there are just a couple amounts of the manga. Yet not, once i said, it is simply what i comprehend.

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