Triozzi, Nicholas, Pennsylvania Condition University The brand new Chronology and Framework off Primitive Hillforts when you look at the Donje Polje to the Dalmatian Shore, Croatia

Triozzi, Nicholas, Pennsylvania Condition University The brand new Chronology and Framework off Primitive Hillforts when you look at the Donje Polje to the Dalmatian Shore, Croatia

Sitek, Matthew J., College regarding Ca, Hillcrest Community Channels at the Edge of Ancient Andean Claims: A view In the Tiwanaku Frontier, Locumba, Peru (ca. Advertisement 500–1100)

Steigerwald, Emma, University away from Ca, Berkeley Glaciers Refuge, Frogs Get better: High-Height Colonization and you may Recovered Transmontane Direction on Cordillera Vilcanota, Peru

Stillman, Andrew, College out-of Connecticut A keen Empirical Shot from A couple of Hypotheses Detailing Plot-Oriented Inhabitants Fictional character into the a blog post-Flame Pro of your Sierra-Cascade Slopes

Tardio, Katie, School away from New york at Church Slope Roman Conquest and Changes within the Creature Discount throughout the North-East of your Iberian Peninsula Regarding the 4th Millennium BCE to the next Millennium Ce

Thompson, Katharine E., Stony Brook University, Condition College of the latest York Lemurs in the Scrap: An effective 12-Week Combined-Methods Approach to Knowledge Creatures Search and Use External Kirindy Mitea National Park, Madagascar

Weinberg, Camille, College or university regarding Colorado in the Austin Settling Subsistence in response to Farming and you may Landscape Change in the fresh Later Paracas Months, Peru

Wenzell, Katherine, Northwestern School Diversity-Broad Type in Flowery Characteristics and Local Pollinators in 2 Directly Related Groups of Castilleja (Paintbrushes) into the Central and Southwest You

Having fun with Relict Forest Populations on the Rugged Slopes while the Pure Evolutionary Laboratories to learn the opportunity of Type and you may Work in the Face of modern Weather Transform

Williamson, Jessie L., College or university of the latest Mexico Less Plasticity as a predictable Component of Type for the Birds when you look at the Seaside and Mountain Areas of Chile and you will Peru

Xiong, Tianzhu, Harvard University Research brand new Divergence-With-Gene-Move Model during the an effective Spatially Specific Function on Swallowtail Butterflies (Papilionidae) Regarding the Hengduan Slopes in the Southwestern China

Prehistoric (ca

Try Differences in Flowery Phenotypes Associated with the Variations in Pollinator Visitation? An examination regarding Profile Displacement into the Clarkia (Onagraceae) inside the Kern State, California

An account regarding A couple of Morphs: Investigations the fresh Adaptive Characteristics out of Vibrant Teenager Tail Color and its own Influence on Reproductive Separation when you look at the Californian Skinks (Plestiodon)

Quicksilver regarding the Oceans: Tracing Mercury Contamination Out of Artisanal Silver Mining From its Provider Through the environment inside Madre de- Dios, Peru

Uncovering Nearctic Assassin Fly (Diptera: Asilidae) Range and you can Progression As a consequence of Target Specificity and you can Venom Structure on the Western You and you can Belize

Review the necessity of Phylogenetic Records and Microhabitat Properties into the Muscles Proportions Advancement during the Diplommatinid Land Snails out of Belau, Republic out of Palau

High Ponds Environment Program Changes While the 19th Millennium: Mapping Latest Native Conventional Studies and Environment Protection from Sheer Funding Extraction

How do Bacterial Communities Differ inside the Subalpine and you will Alpine Ponds? Exploring Elevational Habits of Bacterium and you will Fungus from inside the Texas and you may South Wyoming Ponds One Span Treeline

Features of Strength in Acropora cervicornis (Staghorn Coral) when confronted with Ascending Water Heat just like the Analyzed Over good One-Year Several months from inside the Turneffe Atoll, Belize

Version inside the Traditional Preservation and you may Discontinuous Sedimentation inside the Nutrient-Enriched Solutions: An excellent Paleoenvironmental Reassessment of one’s Permian Phosphoria Formation from inside the Idaho and you will Montana

The fresh Part out of Ritual Religious Stores for the Shaping Social network Correspondence: Funds Trend Study of Primitive Sites in the Caceres Section, Upper Nepena River Valley, Peru

East Pacific ENSO Reconstructions Over the past 10 Thousand Ages Playing with Tree-Band Isotopes (Prosopis sp.) About Atacama Desert, Chile

Understanding the In the world Alter Vehicle operators out of Nitrogen Cycling Round the Scales and you can Forest Designs throughout the White Slopes of the latest Hampshire

Archaeological Comparison and you may Interpretation of the Later Bonito Stage (ca. 1100 Ce) Aztec Northern Great Home on Aztec Spoils National Monument, New Mexico

Attack of Colonial Bots: Reviews out of Behavioral Phenotypic Variety and you can Composition during the Local South African and you can Delivered Western Communities

1000BP to help you ca. 200BP) Funding Administration therefore the Enough time-Term Populace Stability from a marginal Atoll Program regarding the North Prepare Isles off Main Polynesia

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